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October 05 2017


me, realizing that the mercy nerf is probably going to go live and once again the devs completely ignore their fans complaints

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sometimes i remember that hawkeye is canonically deaf in the comics and the mcu erased his disability. that they ignored his abusive childhood and gave him a family - erasing his attachment issues. in the comics hes this self-destructive goofy disabled depressed guy who drinks coffee by the pot just to stay awake and is always covered head to toe in band-aids. sometimes i remember that the mcu erased everything about clint barton but the bow and arrow. and it ruins my whole day.


October 04 2017


seriously the idea that bi women who discover that they’re lesbians and lesbians who discover that they’re bi are committing some kind of a betrayal of the respective group and reinforce existing stereotypes is a harmful stigma that helps no one and needs to go


I’m so tired of people getting pets without learning how to take care of them

Dogs are omnivorous, cats are carnivorous.

If you don’t feed your cat meat, it will die.

Dogs need exercise every single day, not just when you feel like it.

Betta fish need a MINIMUM of 2.5 gallons sized tank.

Most pet fish you’ll see are tropical and need heaters.

Most reptiles need a humid environment. Your living room is neither warm enough nor humid enough.

Rats and budgies are highly social animals and need to live with others of their kind. Read: always get more than one.

Rats like to climb and need a cage taller than it is wider.

Goldfish grow to be 10"-12" and live to be 10-20 years. Yes even that cheap $0.50 one. They’re pond fish. And yes, their bodies actually do stay small if they’re kept in a small environment but their organs will continue to grow and will eventually crush each other, killing the fish prematurely.

Some fish will fight, kill, or eat each other and it’s not “just a fact of nature” it’s you not doing your research and putting the wrong species together.

It takes a few google searches and maybe twenty minutes of link clicking to learn the basics.

It’s not the responsibility of the pet store employee to teach you everything you need to know. The pet store employee might not even need to know what you need to know. All it takes to be a pet store employee is to be more than 18 years old.

I’m just tired of seeing uninformed people put their pets in poor situations. Just. Research. Just a little bit. One google search. Please.

star signs are OUT the four horsemen of the apocalypse are IN


January-March: Pestilence!!!!

April-June: Famine!!!!

July-September: Death!!!!

October-December: War!!!!

a War is best compatible with a Death and Pestilences are good matches for Famines

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how do people get yelled at without crying i dont understand


You cannot convince me that Jack wouldn’t go as a lumberjack for Halloween one year. You can’t. There’s too much glorious pun potential.

He’d probably tell Gabe early on (cause ya know Gabe starts planing his costume months ahead of time) and Gabriel would probably just be like really Jack you could do better.

And then Jack comes in on the night of the Halloween party and Gabriel’s just somewhere with heart eyes going ‘I love this man’

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I like a happy ending so BONUS


she felt a heart beat.

Roadrat outfits inspired by yellow-pyro’s amazing comic. Widow outfit inspired by that It’s Over Isn’t It voiceover


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The hero we don’t deserve.


I hope the producers of Good Omens are kicking themselves because they could have pursued Emmy Award Winning Actor Riz Ahmed instead of David Tennant in a shitty Mick Jagger costume 

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(AKA Gabriel’s ultimate fantasy)

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October 03 2017

1st october psa from your local romani blogger


“fortune teller” costumes are really just antiromanyist caricatures based on false and ignorant ideas of our culture and if you wanna avoid being a racist dick this halloween you should probably pick a different costume

also, sorry to be a killjoy but the exact same goes for esmeralda from that disney film


*points at romance* what the FUCK is that

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he spent all year working on this new sick costume


Get to know the blogger:

  1. I cannot be killed


always remember that american schools are not concerned with truth but with americanization. if it were concerned with truth, it wouldn’t be still be teaching that abe lincoln was some kind of messiah who came to the rescue of black people. 

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