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August 13 2017


You never realize how long a second is until you get an ad you can’t skip.

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relax soldier

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west coast love


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It’s a vibe.

couldn’t tell if this was real life or gta v

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Just my favorite Dad with a flowercrown.

Commission me 


Reblog if you are a fic writer who welcomes moodboards, playlists, remixes, art and any other type of gift based on your stories.


Hell yes, everyone is always welcome to do any of the things, you will have my undying love and appreciation for it. (Translations are also a-okay.)









yall ever heard about the wave

???? like the thing you do at sport events??

no, i mean this social experiment started by a history teacher in calofornia in 1967

im Intrigued 

it’s creepy not so much like paranormal but as in it’s a scary look at human nature. hang on a sec ill explain it

alright so. in 1967, a new history teacher at Cubberly High School in Northern California named Ron Jones was teaching his class about the Holocaust and Hitler’s rise to power. At some point during the lesson, many of his students began to ask why the rest of Germany had stood by and done nothing, and how afterwards they could have said they didn’t know. Many said that they would never allow something like that to happen, but most simply couldn’t understand how the population had allowed it back then. This made Ron curious: what was the answer? Why had so many Germans joined and tolerated the Nazis as their neighbors were dragged away? He realized there was no way of knowing, not without being there, and certainly no way of teaching it - unless, maybe, they could experience something similar. 

The next day, Ron came in and began to command his class differently than usual. He had stricter rules, making students stand when asking or answering questions and having them fix their posture. He said it was a lesson on discipline and the phrase “strength through discipline” was written on the board. 

The students, shockingly responded positively to the stricter rules; it was as if they had just been waiting for this and wanted more. They worked as a team and answered questions correctly, even sitting quietly until Ron dismissed them at the end of class. 

In the next two days, the phrases “strength through community” and “action” appeared on the board. Ron announced to the class that their new rules and ideas were now the cornerstones of the group called the Wave. Their mottos were the three phrases on the board, and he introduced them to a salute (made by curling one’s right hand into the shape of a wave and tapping one’s left shoulder with it). The kids practiced both the motto and the salute that day.

Everything was going well in this experiment: Ron was increasingly seen as an incredibly important leader, the kids were being more well behaved, they were ahead in their studies, all good things, so Ron decided to continue the Wave. In class, he gave the students Wave membership cards, some of which had red x’s on the back. The x’s indicated that those people were to monitor the other members of the Wave and report directly to Ron if someone broke a rule. 

Additionally that day, Ron gave the instruction to recruit members to the Wave; all were invited and all were equal in the Wave.

And recruit they did.

Later that week, there were over 200 members of the Wave. The pep rally became an official Wave rally where dozens of new members were sworn in. As the group grew, most everyone joined. However, if someone did not join, they were likely to find themselves very alone and possibly being threatened or hurt by Wave members. 

By the 5th day, Ron knew things had spiraled out of control. He had grown into a mythical leader, and the students carried out his orders without hesitation, even if these orders never existed in the first place and were grown from within the Wave. He decided to tell the students that there would be a televised announcement of the Wave’s candidate announcement for the presidential election, and that all members should attend the rally later that day. 

When they arrived, the hundreds of students were greeted with a blank screen and Ron. He told them the true nature of the Wave; how it had been born as an experiment that had grown exponentially until he had to end it. The students were shocked, and some even cried. They had all believed in the Wave wholeheartedly after just 5 short days.

The Wave is terrifying because it is real. Not so long ago, a history teacher fresh out from college was able to turn a school into a military state in just 5 days. We as humans are so easily led into fascist dictatorships and we so rarely question what goes on around us. The Wave is a testament to that, and a scary one. 

There’s a really great German film of the same name (“Die Welle” - The Wave) based on this experiment - rather than stopping after 5 days however, the teacher lets it continue and things get much, MUCH worse. It’s a terrifying movie, but fascinating too.

Reblog if you think sign language should be taught as a language in schools.

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Dude, I would watch the fuck out of this.

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ladies and gentlemen we have officially reached the “in case a nuclear attack happens” phase……. [x]

This shit is wild.

There should be an amber alert or something to warn us, hopefully. But if you’re so close to the blast that the entire outside flashes white your first priority is to get underneath the blastwave any way you can.

After that you have 2 options: drive away or protect yourself from the radiation.

Option one is tough because literally everybody else is going to want to do this, and you could get stuck right in the fallout. And lemme tell you, if you’re stuck out there when the ashes first fall for more than 15 minutes, you’re dead. Radiation poisoning.

Option two is harder, but has a better success rate. Get underground. Most houses have a crawlspace, but in this bad time just saw a fucking hole in your floor. Put table over hole. Pack some large containers (like tubs), with dirt, tight, and stack them on your table or wherever you’re going to be directly underneath. you need 36 inches if dirt to be protected from the radiation poisoning. You could preemptively buy lead and stick that in a container with a lot of serface area, i forget how many inches you need vertically.

How ever much serface area the dirt/metal/lead covers is how much you and your party will be able to move around. As long as there’s enough inches vertically you’ll be good so long as you stay under it.

You gotta stay under there for at least 2 weeks, 3 to be sure.

Also, if you can see the mushroom cloud, stick your arm out as far as you can. Do a thumbs-up and close one eye. If your thumb is bigger than the cloud, you are safe. If the cloud is bigger or the same size as your thumb, then that means you are in the radiation zone and should evacuate immediately.

I cannot believe I actually have to freaking reblog this but here y'all go just in case

Take a break from the humor for just a second and read this.

Sorry, what year is this again??

lol and just a few years after they closed the nuclear bomb shelters in Switzerland :DDD thx a lot government! (I’ve still got one in my building’s cellar but yehh)

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Robofrog jumps on revolving chair

we need to stop making robots nothing good can come of it

bullshit only good can come of this robofrog

Robofrog is the hero we deserve

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that gamer feel when……ur gaming


only gamers will get this



when i was a child i thought ‘male enhancement’ pills just made you a better guy. they made you pleasant to be around. the man on the commercial had a big smile on his face and they made a point of how happy his wife was and everyone loved him. this is honestly what i thought

God I wish that was what they actually did.

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Kya, canonically a lesbian, tells Korra and Asami about same-sex relationships and coming out in the four nations. We also find out that Kyoshi was bi!

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this is one of the cutest screenshots i’ve ever taken

these images contain different, yet equally powerful, energies

August 12 2017

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football/soccer buddies

@kryptonitanott for reblobbing purposes

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