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January 31 2018

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I asked one of my (male) friends to stop using the phrase “man up” and he has been using “fortify” for the past two weeks instead and it’s just a little thing but honestly it makes a difference

and tbh it’s also pretty funny when I start to deflate in the library and he leans over and goes “FORTIFY”

Dude, fortify is bangin’. That makes things like you’re some kind of RPG character. Fortify is way better than “man up.”

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He’s got you in his sights! Here’s the 76 sticker for Valentine’s Day~ 

Patreon ǀ Kofi ǀ Commissions ǀ Instagram

self-sabotage completed

do it, sabotage yourself, you don’t want them to like you anyway fuck em

and it’s such an asshole questionnaire too holy shit “what kinds of people do you like working with and what are their strengths and weaknesses” like dude ???

i am so tempted to put shitty replies into this screening questionnaire so i they don’t give me this job

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Okay, so here’s what the Reaper Valentine’s Day sticker looks like! I figured I can order 50 of this, 50 of the Soldier76 one, and sell 100 stickers to my followers~

Patreon ǀ Kofi ǀ Commissions ǀ Instagram

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Actual Doomfist Gameplay.

“Rising above all!”

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spend your summers like a gryffindor. dare. dive into unknown waters. splurge on a record player. realise you don’t actually own any vinyls, so get an abba single. great, now you do own a vinyl. buy the pinapple-shaped sunglasses. play the guitar even though you can’t carry a tune to save your life and you know it. skip stones on a windy day by the sea. get smashed. watch bad horror films. take silly pictures of your even sillier friends. write down the jokes they tell. that song is such a bop. live life to the brim. because you can! because why not! do it for the laughs. for the picture. for the meme. for the memories. make today a story you’ll want to tell in fifty years.

spend your autumns like a hufflepuff. do. fill your days. make a million to do lists. clean your desk. open your windows. hard work pays off, it always does. learn some life lessons. find joy in the little things. it’s finally sweater weather again. make time to read. listen to music on the way home. be gentle with your brain. it’s doing its best. keep a journal. join a new class. teach yourself a skill. pick up an instrument you haven’t touched in ten years. get invested. get involved. connect with your community. volunteer. make a difference. give it everything you’ve got. there is so much to do.

spend your winters like a slytherin. reconsider. spend time with those closest to you. remember what matters. remember who matters. start making plans. start setting goals. ask yourself where you want to be a year from now, and then take a map and figure out exactly how you’re gonna get there. every step and every mountain. they’re all waiting for you. test your limits. aim for that a*. you’re better than you think. cut ties. forget. let go. make space. plough on regardless. better things are coming. you’ve made it this far. take some pride. the doubts will go.

spend your springs like a ravenclaw. bloom. find out who you want to be this year. do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. make art. create things. find new passions. ask for a set of watercolours and some brushes for your birthday and paint strawberries in your bed on a school night. broaden your horizon. discover new people. discover new places. and most of all, discover yourself: learn who you are. what scares you, and how to overcome it. what hurts, and how to fix it. what you want. what you need, and how you’re gonna get it. what makes you happy, and how to keep it. take what the year has thrown at your feet and craft something good from the mess. the world has so much to offer, and you never know what you’ll find.

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COMMUNICATION I: Misdirection//

COMMUNICATION II: Smoke and Mirrors//



I’ve got 2 more of these and a short epilogue. Will update links as I finish the others. I’d intended to release this during R76 week, but it took way longer than expected to finish T^T

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How much more interesting would watching sports be if they replaced the network commentators with one die hard (borderline beligerent) fan from each team and stuck them in the booth together? And allowed them drink during the broadcast?

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a confused florist

what in carnation


you pc gamers with your fancy graphics cards and high res textures but do you have a mod that can cure my depression????? didn’t think so

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“you can’t be funny without being offensi–”


my brain @ 4am: pplease.. . no more,..le t me sleepp

me, clicking on another RIP vine compilation: 

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