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June 15 2017


Listen I’m a fuckin gamer but I still can’t stand that dumb ass shit where they try to make gamers seem badass.

Sharpen your skills in every match.

Like ay I’m just sittin naked in my bedroom drunkenly getting killed in overwatch like chill






say what you want about woobifying villains, but i think tragic backstories and redemption via love are staples for good reason. we want to believe that people are fundamentally good, just hardened by a harsh world. that suffering earns you a happy ending. because then it means something, then pain isn’t just senseless and futile.

people don’t ‘excuse’ the actions of villains because they just don’t take those actions seriously. i think it’s a kind of projection - we forgive them because we want to forgive ourselves, and we look for the good in them because we want to see that in the world, even in people who have wronged and hurt us. because earth is a goddamn terrifying place if other humans really are evil, if they’re really monsters.

and idk, i just think it’s kind of beautiful that we all want to believe that the scariest mass-murdering motherfucker alive can be brought down by something as pure and innocent as love. that love is the answer, not violence. i don’t think that’s cheap or ‘problematic’ or a bad influence. i think it’s human, and profoundly optimistic in a way that few people are brave enough to be.

If I didn’t hold the hope that love could make a difference, my world would be cold and bleak.

People who ONLY ever like “pure, cinnamon roll” characters and try to buff away every flaw and every morally grey dimension and reduce stories to pure heroes and pure villains give me the creeps, because it seems to me like those are people who refuse to acknowledge their own capability to do terrible things, the inevitable fact that they have done things that hurt others in the past and will do so again (because that IS inevitable if you interact with other humans), who never question themselves, who think incredibly harsh standards of judgment are just fine because of course THEY would never need forgiveness or mercy.

THOSE are the people who are most likely to stomp on your face with a boot while being utterly convinced they’re doing the right thing and you deserve it. And they will never admit they were wrong and they’ll never apologize, because only bad people do bad things, and of course they’re not a bad person, so if they did it, it must have been good.

Give me friends who are honest about their own capacity to harm, who know where their own darkness lies, and can see it played out in characters good, bad, and - best of all, somewhere in between. Who understand when to rage, when to forgive, and when to just walk away. Who understand that other people, just like them, are ever-changing bundles of contradictions. Those are people I feel I can trust.

^This last comment. I’ve been thinking about this, and it’s not just that “every villain is a hero in their own mind.” I think it’s that act of making oneself into a hero in one’s own mind, of giving up self-criticism and clinging to an identity that’s based being Good, that opens the door for a person to do truly horrible things to other people. I honestly wonder whether philosophies or faiths where good is a thing you ARE rather than a thing you DO are more prone toward instigating violence in the name of said philosophy.

This. This, this, THIS.

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I love drawing cute scenes.

I know I don’t usually reblog things here but please more people look at this amazing thing.


June 14 2017

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What kind of person would spend their time photo-shopping and painting Gonzo onto Hanzo to make a pun?

>>>This guy<<<


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Billie Lurk + Concept Art | Dishonored

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commission for fatedeniedhope who wanted cop!76 as a gift for @natvymorrison :>

thank you for commissioning me!

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white people using their privilege to educate, a concept!



disabilities = not the problem
ableism = the problem

I will expand on this with an example

The fact I need a wheelchair does not upset me. Going out in my wheelchair does not upset me.

The looks and stares and comments I get from people when I’m out in my wheelchair DO upset me.





In the new E3 footage Mario can possess objects and characters with his hat in the newest Mario game and now we’re wondering if Mario was the hat all along and who we thought was Mario is actually just a random guy who has just been possessed for years.

Mario’s hat is like the Ice King’s crown

had a convo about this on twitter earlier, and note:

  • in super mario 64, mario takes double damage with no hat
  • in sunshine, mario’s health gradually drains with no hat

conclusion: mario is a lich and the hat is his phylactery. as he grows in power, his soul is embedded deeper and deeper within the hat, and so too does his grip on his long-dead physical body become more and more tenuous

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Reminder: trans Muslims and gay Muslims exist and we’re not going anywhere.

The amount of support that this post has gotten is, quite honestly, incredible. LGBT Muslims are constantly forgotten and ignored because people from both the LGBT community and the Muslim community view our existence as a contradiction or an impossibility. It’s time that people acknowledge us and our experiences with islamophobia and homophobia/transphobia because like I said: we’re not going anywhere. 



I was playing overwatch and a mei ran into where all the enemies were and froze herself then once everyone gathered around ready to murder this defenseless mei a reaper literally walked in and activated his death blossom and killed all of them and it was the most evil display of teamwork ive ever seen…

The 2 most evil characters

@kryptonitanott let’s do this ????

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the shirt in question

Keep reading



honestly we are entering a Dark Age of Gaming where only co-op games exist and the only companies producing single player games are bethesda and bioware

#not even bioware anymore

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I wasn’t finished 

Sorry for the scribbly-ness, I just had more feelings I wanted to doodle out.

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A variety of Overwatch scribblins

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The fucking sun?

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when you suck at reaper but pick him anyway

@kryptonitanott SHRUG

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and they lived happily ever after


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commission for @benevolentcannibal!

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